Daily Schedules

Qualities of a Daily Schedule

  • Every daily schedule should be developmentally and culturally appropriate. Schedules are related to the age of the children for whom they are developed, adjusted for individual needs, and respect the social and cultural differences present in the group. 

  • Reliable and consistent daily schedules develop children’s independence and provide a secure environment for learning when the day’s events remain constant from day to day and week to week. Children are able to focus on learning and activities without worrying about interruptions or changes in the routine. The schedule and routines should always remain in place, even if there is a substitute in the classroom. 

  • A good daily schedule allows for flexibility. Activities typically happen in a sequence that occurs the same way every day. However, a skilled early childhood teacher changes, modifies, or adapts a daily schedule as the need arises. Teachers must learn to read children’s signals and adjust events accordingly, assessing whether it is more beneficial to allow the play or experience to continue, or to move to a different activity. 

  • Experiences in all Key Learning Areas (defined in PA Early Learning Standards) are incorporated into the schedule on a daily basis. Teachers are effective facilitators of learning when they plan for an integrated curriculum approach, developing activities that incorporate many areas of learning within one experience.

Our Daily Schedule

Partner With Us in Your Child’s Growth

Our schedule at A Child's Experience gives you the reassurance that your child is properly attended to in our facility. Our teachers design and adjust our daily activities based on our students’ needs, helping your child reach his/her optimum learning capability. Give us a call to enroll your child in our integrated programs. We look forward to meeting your child soon!